What is  Paschimottanasana – Paschim means stretching the back part of the body i.e. the back part. In this asana, the muscles at the back of the entire body are stretched. That is why this asana is known as Paschimottanasana. How to do Paschimottanasana –1. Sit with both legs spread in front. Heels and toes … Read more


What is Matsyasana – Matsya means fish. In the last position of this asana, the position of the body becomes like a fish in water, hence it is known as Matsyasana. Some Maharishis think that if one remains in the water by doing this asana, then the person can keep swimming like a fish. Therefore … Read more


What is Dhanurasana – This is called Dhanurasana because after reaching the final stage of this asana, the shape of our body looks like a bow. Hence it is called Dhanurasana, Dhanush means bow. In the last stage, the toe of the foot is kept close to the ear and both the feet remain like … Read more


What is the shavasana – Like a deceased, relax your whole body and lie down on the ground. This is called Shavasana (corpse pose). This Shavasana gives satisfaction to the mind. What are the 10 importance of yoga?  How to do shavasana -The way to do Shavasana is very simple, lie down on your back … Read more


What is Sirsasana – Sirsasana means the posture of the body on the support of the head. With this posture, the head remains on the ground and the legs are kept up.Why Yoga Should Be Part of Your Daily Routine  How to do Sirsasana 1. Sit on your toes. Put your knees on the ground. … Read more


1.Introduction- The asana is named Vajrasana because of its effect like a thunderbolt in the pelvis. Vajrasana is achieved by tightening both the thighs like a thunderbolt and placing both feet on either side of the anus. This asana gives success to yogis in yog sadhana. Table of Content – 1.Introduction. 2.How to do Vajrasana. … Read more



Muktasana- Place the heel of the left foot on the ankle place the heel of the right foot on it and sit with the head and neck in front, keeping the body straight. This Mukta Asana is going to provide Siddhi for Yogis The practice of Muktasana is very simple. Everyone can sit in this … Read more



Bhadrasana or Butterfly pose– Turn both the heels upside down and place them under the testicles. Hold both thumbs towards the back as in Padmasana. Look at the tip of the nose by doing the Jalandhar Bandha position. This Bhadrasana cures all diseases. How to do Bhadrasana or Butterfly pose – Sitting in Vajrasana, keep the … Read more

Padmasana for the Peace of Mind


What is Padmasana – Padmasana is a Sanskrit language word. Padam means lotus. In the final position of this asana, the shape of our body appears somewhat like a lotus. That’s why it is called Kamalasan or Padmasan. Explanation- Padmasana is an excellent asana for meditation. In this asana the body can be kept completely stable … Read more



Siddhasana- This asana is known by the name of Siddhasana because sages and sages had attained siddhis by sitting in this asana. How to do Siddhasana- Sit and keep both legs in front, waist straight, eyes in front, heels, and toes together, both hands removed from the side, and palms on the ground. Bend the … Read more