Siddhasana This asana is known by the name of Siddhasana because sages and sages had attained siddhis by sitting in this asana.

How to do Siddhasana-
Sit and keep both legs in front, waist straight, eyes in front, heels, and toes together, both hands removed from the side, and palms on the ground.
Bend the left leg from the knee keep the heel adjacent to the femur and keep it attached to the sutured part. The sole of the left foot is kept adjacent to the right thigh.
Bending the right leg from the knee, keep it over the penis. Keep the soles of the right foot away from the left thigh.
Both hands remain in the meditative state above the knees.

Precautions in doing Siddhasana-
Those suffering from knee pain or swelling in the knees should not practice this pose
the spine should be free and straight

Benefits of Siddhasana-
This asana has been considered very useful for practicing meditation. By practicing meditation while sitting in this asana, the seeker attains samadhi. The restlessness of the mind goes away and the mind becomes completely stable and gets attached to the soul.
Even in the position of this asana, the flow of blood towards the lower organs remains less, mostly the circulation of blood remains towards the abdominal region and upper organs, due to which there is benefit in the prevention of diseases of these organs. The digestive system starts functioning smoothly, and air disorders and other abdominal diseases are cured.
In return, there is pure blood flow in the lower organs, which is beneficial in the diseases of the lower organs and the pain of varicose veins and calves.Siddhasana also benefits in celibacy, sex drive, piles, sexual diseases, Kundalini awakening, heart disease, asthma, sugar, memory, concentration, etc.

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