What is the shavasana – Like a deceased, relax your whole body and lie down on the ground. This is called Shavasana (corpse pose). This Shavasana gives satisfaction to the mind.

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How to do shavasana -The way to do Shavasana is very simple, lie down on your back on the ground. But only lying down is not Shavasana. There is also a position of the body in it.Normally, when people lie down to practice Shavasana, they are neither aware of the position of their legs nor keep their hands properly. There should be the same distance between the legs as the width of the waist. If the waist is 14 inches wide then there should be a distance of 14 inches between the legs also in the position of shavasana. The hands have to be kept next to the body at a distance of about 15 centimeters. The palms will remain open upwards, the fingers can be slightly bent. That is, the palms should not be kept upside down but should be kept straight. In the beginning, it seems a bit awkward, because our habit is to keep the hands upside down and when we try to keep them straight, there is pain or feels awkward due to bending of the wrist. But it depends on practice. When you gradually practice this asana, you feel very good. Another reason for this is that there is very little sensation in the back part of the palms. There are many sensory fibers there. However, a lot of sensation is generated in the front part of the palm because there are many nerves of the sensory nervous system present in it, which immediately receive any sensation or any experience. But this does not happen due to the sensory fibers in the back part of the palms. By keeping the hands in the opposite position, we use the sensory stimuli received from them, hence we are asked to keep the hands upward and open.

Keep the mouth closed and loosen the lower jaw. There should not be any kind of tension on the face. Place a thin pillow or folded blanket under the head. Both sides of the pillow should be under the shoulders, this will help in relaxing the shoulder and neck muscles. The head and spine should remain in a straight line. The head should not be tilted to the right or left. Make the body relaxed and stop all physical movements. Become aware of your normal breathing and let it become rhythmic and relaxed. Become aware of the parts of your body that are touching the ground. If thoughts come during the practice, do not try to suppress them, but relax them by moving your consciousness to different parts of the body.

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Awareness -There should be no movement in the body in Shavasana. Once the body reaches the state of Shavasana, the feeling of asana has to be maintained. If the feeling of asana is not there and there is only a desire to lie down, then there will be a lack of alertness. There will be no harmony between body and mind. We will not be able to recognize the state of body and mind, hence alertness and stability are important in Shavasana. The reason behind this is that even a little movement will force some muscles to work. Due to this, those muscles will get contracted, whereas in Shavasana, on the contrary, you try to remove these contractions.
A little mental effort is required for this, but this effort should be stress-free. If you fall asleep midway while practicing Shavasana, you will be deprived of its many benefits. After sleeping, the mind again starts getting surrounded by worries, hence to get maximum benefits one should practice this asana with full alertness. There are many ways to concentrate and concentrate yourself and go deeper into Shavasana. Some people initially become aware of the body and some people meditate on the breath. Some people count breaths, some people practice short sleep during breathing. There are many ways to center yourself. As many methods as you can find will be valid, but the last stage or final result of Shavasana is Yoga Nidra.

Duration in Shavasana – Practice as much time as you have available. Generally, the more you can do, the better, however, practicing Shavasana for 1-2 minutes in between the practice of asanas is sufficient.

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Why is shavasana (corpse pose) important after yoga asana practice? – This exercise should be done before sleep and in between the practice of asanas, especially after dynamic asanas, such as Surya Namaskar.

Why is shavasana so important and its Benefits – This practice makes the entire psycho-physical system relaxed. This asana prevents stress-related diseases by making the body and mind calm and relaxed. Removes body fatigue. If you feel any kind of excitement in the body or feel tired after practicing other asanas, then Shavasana should be practiced. This easy one develops awareness of the body. When the body becomes completely relaxed, awareness of the mind increases and a state of withdrawal occurs. If someone perfects in this practice, His mind will remain calm and worry-free in even the most difficult situations. People who are suffering from high blood pressure, mental weakness, diabetes heart disease, and especially stress-related diseases, should practice Shavasana regularly a few times every day.

Variation in Shavasana – While lying in Shavasana, become aware of your right hand and make it relaxed, then slowly move the wrist, elbow, armpit, right armpit, right hip, right thigh, right knee, calf, heel, and sole, Be alert and gradually relax. Repeat the same process on the left side, head, and torso. Check that every part of your body has become relaxed. Feel that all the body parts are sinking into the ground. Repeat this process several times, this will remove all types of stress.

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