How to Start Your Yoga Journey?

How to Start Your Yoga Journey? Yoga is such a science that not only helps in keeping us healthy physically but also mentally, socially, and morally. Both men and women are entangled and busy with their responsibilities. To remain physically and mentally healthy. To awaken your inner power to face situations efficiently. There is nothing better than Yoga. And when a man or a woman remains healthy So the whole family remains healthy. When the family remains healthy, the society, the city, the nation, and the whole world also remain healthy. Every class of men can do it. In every season, in every environment, Yoga has been considered the best among the many existing schools to stay healthy. That’s why. Because in every age group, Yoga can be done even if there is any disease while being healthy. All that is needed in Yoga is our willpower.

1) Start your practice in this Manner:- While starting the Yoga Journey for a joyful life, you have to take care of your age, physical and mental condition. Decide that you have to stay healthy and start yoga keeping this in mind. If there is any disease, consult a yoga expert. They will first understand these conditions, then make them practice accordingly. Also keep in mind that if you want to practice yoga regularly, then you will learn it only under the guidance of the yoga expert. Experts will show you the right way by rectifying your mistakes.

2)It is important to choose the right location:- People practice yoga at any place, but the right choice of place affects the results of yoga. Choose a place for yoga practice where there is peace. If you are doing yoga at home, then choose such a corner. Where the vibrations are good, where there is the movement of fresh air, where there is not much noise. It would be best if there is a garden in the house. It is also very important to have a mental and emotional attachment to yoga. May it not be that your body is practicing yoga. But the mind is wandering somewhere else. The main purpose of Yoga is to connect the body with the Mind, the Mind with the Soul, and the Soul with the Supreme Soul. That’s why it is most important to choose a silent, neat, and clean environment.

3)The perfect yoga mat to practice on:- There should be a mat or easy convenient for yoga practice. Keep in mind that it should not be slippery. The mat should not be such that it sweats a lot. Its structure, Color should be comfortable and calm. The Same mat should be used to practice yoga per day. Do not change it everyday, Also the place should be the same every day. Try this. The thickness of the yoga mat is 6 to 8 mm. You can also use a sheet or a thick blanket. Just keep in mind that the suitable blanket, sheet, or yoga mat is not slippery on the floor. The width of the seat can be three feet.

4)It’s good to be on time:- The best time for yoga is in the morning. We are empty stomachs in the morning, so this time is favorable for practicing yoga. You should wake up early in the morning and practice yoga between one hour before and one hour after sunrise, then you can get its unique benefits. But due to some reason you are not able to practice yoga in the morning, then there is nothing to worry about this you can also do yoga in the afternoon or evening when it is convenient but Just keep in mind that at least 5 hours have passed after having food, only then do yoga practice. If you have taken liquid, then two hours have passed, and only after that do yoga practice.

5)Set a Timelimit:- Yoga should be done for about an hour, in which 30 minutes should be asanas, 15 minutes for pranayama, and 15 minutes for meditation. Yoga can be started in minutes. It will depend on your ability, availability of time, your needs, age, determination, etc. If you are doing yoga to lose weight, then give it at least 1 hour.

6)Do warm up before yoga:- The warm up of yoga is the actions of operating the subtle organs. In these kriyas, small activities are done by targeting all the joints, muscles, etc of the body, in which all the organs feel very light and the body is ready for other asanas. In today’s time, warmup can be done by spot jogging and spot running also. But keep in mind that this is not a yogic warm-up.

7)Regularity has its own rules:- Just as we do daily work like eating, drinking, sleeping, waking up, bathing, etc, similarly do not stop yoga for a single day. But women should not practice yoga within five days during menstruation. You can take a break if you have any other disease like fever etc. Even if there is a gap due to some reason, there is no harm in it, nor are we going to go back on it. Just a little Stiffness may come in the body, which goes away after practicing for two to three days. Yoga is not just easy, but keeping your mind balanced throughout your life is also a type of yoga.

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