What is Sirsasana РSirsasana means the posture of the body on the support of the head. With this posture, the head remains on the ground and the legs are kept up.Why Yoga Should Be Part of Your Daily Routine 


How to do Sirsasana

1. Sit on your toes. Put your knees on the ground.
2. Interlock the fingers of both hands.
3. Make a triangle with both elbows and trapped toes and keep it on the ground.
4. Leaning forward, place the middle part of your head on the ground near the toes.
5. Now straighten the legs.
6. Slowly bring both the legs closer to the body.
7. With practice, the claws will rise from the ground and the thigh and knee will be attached to the foot.
8. Keeping your balance, straighten the leg from the thigh joint, the knees will remain bent.
9. Now straighten the knees as well and completely stand on the head.
10. While coming back, first bend the leg from the knee and while bending the leg from the thigh, let the thigh and knee touch the foot.
11. Now slowly put your feet on the ground and slowly raise your head and sit.

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Precautions while doing Sirsasana –

1. Sirsasana is completely based on the balance of the body. Therefore, the practice of balancing the body and doing it without success is completely prohibited.
2. Sirsasana should be done by completely normal healthy people only. It is prohibited to do this in the condition of various diseases. Blood pressure patients, heart patients, patients with ear pain and ear discharge, patients with weak cells of the eye, the old sum in which the veins have become very weak, and old constipation in which stool is very hard, should not do this asana, or excessive exertion. After that, it should not be done.
3. At the beginning of the Sirsasana , the help of another person can be taken to maintain the balance of the weight of the head, otherwise the practice of balancing with the help of the wall can also be done.
4. Trying to balance by giving a jerk is fatal, such an attempt should not be made at all.
5. Take full care of your body’s capacity in terms of the duration of the Sirsasana , it can be increased gradually from 15 seconds to 24 minutes. People who do Sirsasana daily for more than half an hour and who are more than 60 years of age have also been seen to be perfect by regular practice. But this asana should not be practiced for more than 12 minutes while doing it with other asanas. On realizing any problem, they return immediately, and Shavasan should be done.

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Sirsasana benefits –

1. The network of all the nerves of the whole body is connected to the brain in one way or another and a human being cannot do all his work, be it mental or physical, without the help of the brain, due to always being on the feet, the blood flow in his brain is not desired. Even sleeping on a thick pillow does not allow blood flow to the brain while sleeping.

2. In the position of Sirsasana , the blood flow remains more towards the head. In this, due to the presence of blood flow in all the nerves of the brain, it can perform its functions smoothly. Due to the smooth control of the body, all the senses come in a state to perform their functions in a better way.

3. Endocrine glands, pituitary gland, thyroid, and parathyroid glands, due to the high blood flow in the area above the heart, but due to the improvement of blood flow pressure, they achieve the ability to perform their functions smoothly. In which it helps in curing the diseases arising in the condition of their functioning. All the organs of the digestive system also get immense benefits from Sirsasana .

4. It is an important rule of body function that whatever organ easily expels the impure blood present in the veins of the blood, the working capacity of that organ always remains intact. The condition of not being able to expel the impure blood further makes that organ diseased, and then due to the non-functioning of that organ and organ, the other organs that should get its benefit, also do not get it. The body becomes diseased. In Sirsasana , the position of the body is inverted in normal conditions, in such a position, the pressure of the blood is distributed exactly as in the normal position, in which the impure blood is removed in getting out the veins and getting healthy.

5. The flow of pure blood infuses strength in them and they can perform their tasks successfully. from Sirsasana , the entire vascular system, endocrine system, digestive system, and all parts of the excretory system can function smoothly. Therefore, it is very beneficial in the condition of all these diseases.

6. Due to the flow of blood in these organs towards the nose, ear, throat, and lungs even in diseases like cold, cough, and asthma, it is highly beneficial in these diseases also.
Lack of energy, headache, early fatigue, forgetfulness, insomnia, indigestion constipation, etc., are the reasons for the lack of smooth flow of blood in all the nerves of the body. All these diseases can be cured by Shirshasan by making the blood flow smoothly in the pulses.

7.Shirshasana is also very beneficial in diseases like hernia, piles, premature ejaculation, nocturnal emission etc.

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