Bhadrasana or Butterfly pose– Turn both the heels upside down and place them under the testicles. Hold both thumbs towards the back as in Padmasana. Look at the tip of the nose by doing the Jalandhar Bandha position. This Bhadrasana cures all diseases.

How to do Bhadrasana or Butterfly pose – Sitting in Vajrasana, keep the toes of both feet together. Spread the knees as far apart as possible. Toes remain in contact with the ground. Spread your heels so much that your buttocks rest on the floor between them. Increase the distance of the knees without any tension. Place your hands on your knees and palms facing downwards. When the body is in a state of happiness, then do nasal forward vision (concentrate the vision and mind on the tip of the nose). When the eyes get tired, close them, open them again after some time, and practice nasal forward vision. There is also a variation of Bhadrasana. In the position of Bhadrasana, holding the toes behind with your hands

Another way to do Bhadrasana or Butterfly pose is to spread your legs in front and bend the right leg and keep the toe near the anus and the heel towards the navel. The heels will remain raised. Again, the left leg has to be bent in the same manner. Just as during the practice of half butterfly and full butterfly, we bring our feet closer to the body, both the soles remain connected and the position is the same. Now you just have to lift the heels. Do not lift the body. You have to lift your heels and take your toes near the anus. Both the knees will remain touching the ground. While practicing this Kriya, one has to apply Jalandhar Bandha and practice Nasik Drishti along with Jalandhar Bandha.

Breathing should be slow and rhythmic and awareness of breathing should remain at the tip of the nostrils. For spiritual benefits, keep awareness on the foundation.

Duration – Do it for longer periods for spiritual benefits. If you are trying to make your legs flexible, then a few minutes of bhadrasana practice every day is enough. If you experience any kind of stress then stop the practice.

Benefits of Bhadrasana or Butterfly Pose- Bhadrasana is mainly for spiritual seekers because just by coming into this position the Mooladhar Chakra gets stimulated. This is an excellent posture for meditation. When it is done in a simple way i.e. sitting in Vajrasana with knees extended, then its benefits are similar to the benefits of Vajrasana. Due to stress on Vajra Nadi, digestion power gets intensified. Also, Ashwini and Vajroli Mudras can be practiced naturally without any effort.
At the pranic level, it would be said that it is practiced to make the flow of prana moderate and balanced and to become upward. In this exercise also, pressure is applied in the area of Muladhar Swadhishthan and Manipura Chakra in the anus area. Therefore, this is also a good way to calm the brain and its excitement.

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